Meet Yourself Where You Are

Love according to Eckhart Tolle is not a gift, nor is it an act or even something that requires much thought. His version of love comprises of two components, pure presence and unconditional acceptance.

Pure presence, meaning being with someone or something wholly and offering them your complete and undivided attention. No stray thoughts or wishing you were elsewhere but just really being there and experiencing that thing or that person. Unconditional acceptance meaning allowing that person or thing to be and express itself, without judgement, criticism or condemnation. So, love is being with you, fully in this moment and giving you room to be who you are with your nuances, complexities and eccentricities. How beautiful.

My wish for everyone who embarks on this journey is to meet themselves in that sacred space of presence and acceptance. We all dream of someday having longer, thicker hair (with beautiful edges). But if we learn to love in the way Tolle describes, where we are right now becomes the point of arrival (there is no distant future we are working towards).

So, during your wash day be fully present with and accepting of your hair. Enjoy the textures. Watch with delight as your curls spring back and forth. Listen to it as it communicates its needs. Do this, not only when your curls are detangled, fat with moisture and springy but also when it is dry, matted, limp. Meet yourself where you are, be compassionate, and go from there.

When you begin to focus your energy on what you actually have in front of you instead of what you think should be in front of you, you will inadvertently find yourself where you want to be.

Your journey starts where you are right now, as you are right now.

- Mama Taku

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