How to incorporate Mama Taku's Butters in your hair routine

Mama Taku's Butters offer a wide range of products to facilitate your healthy hair journey.

You can use the butters on wash day, general maintenance and for styling.

Wash Day

Wash day is the most important day in one's hair routine because it is the day your hair receives the most nutrients.

The core steps of a healthy wash day are:

  1. A pre-shampoo treatment to prevent your hair from being stripped of oils by your shampoo
  2. Shampooing your hair, focusing on cleaning your scalp and removing any build-up

OPTIONAL STEP (every 4-6 weeks):

Strengthen your hair with a protein treatment

  1. Deep conditioning your hair to restore any moisture lost throughout the weeko
  2. Sealing the moisture into the hair

 To achieve these steps, you can use:

‘warm me up’ a pre shampoo treatment mousse.

'the cleansing' a shampoo with no bad stuff like sulfates and silicones

'the oasis' a conditioner

‘butter me up’ a two-in-one deep conditioning and leave-in conditioning butter

'wrap me up' a heavier sealing butter suitable for very coarse hair

‘drape me gently’ a sealing mousse suitable for finer textured hair 

‘love me whole’  a protein treatment 

Other offerings

You can also use Mama Taku's to style your hair and to take care of your scalp. We offer:

'OMG!!' a versatile oil you can use for your scalp and hair - it makes your hair softer, reduces dryness and promotes growth

'curl me curls' a all-in-one curl creme that defines, moisturises and seals your curls

You will find these butters for sale in Mama Taku's Offerings